Do you use homeopathic medication according to the Banerji protocols and do you notice a clearly recognizable improvement of your symptoms? Is your specialist satisfied (or surprised) with your improving health? In that case, continue with your treatment.

Further action advisable

In some cases your body does not respond to the expected improvement. In that case it is advisable to take further action. The use of homeopathic remedies according to the Banerji protocols, covers only a part of the possible treatments that homeopathy has to offer. These protocols also have their limitations and require in some cases a more specific application for an individual patient.
We advise you to consult an expert classic homeopath RH for this specific application. To determine a complementary protocol that is individual and only applicable in your situation. The medication protocol has to be made according to your needs.

Professional assesment

The knowledgeable classic homeopath RH kan determine which possible limitating factors interfere with a possible recovery. He or she can prescribe complementary remedies. Your body may not respond well, because of:

  • a still present active hereditary burden;
  • side-effects of regular medication use;
  • response fatigue of the patient, that causes failure of the effects of the protocol.