Seminar DVD – The Legendary Banerji Protocols

DVD Banerji Protocols

Homeopathy for Serious Illness – The Legendary Banerji Protocols – Seminar DVD Prasanta Banerji DVD of Seminar 9.-10. November 2012 in Bad Bellingen  (€ 149,00)

In this workshop, the world-famous homeopath Dr. Prasanta Banerji explains his innovative homeopathic treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. The Banerji clinic in Calcutta is probably India’s most well-known medical clinic, and even presidents have come here for treatment. However, it is mainly dedicated to treating the poorest of the poor, and Dr. Banerji himself treats 300 – 400 of them every day free of charge. Prasanta Banerji has been working as a homeopath for more than 60 years. He developed the Banerji protocols – clearly defined treatment protocols for specific diagnoses – together with his son Pratip, drawing on their astonishing wealth of experience. Whenever a certain remedy or a combination of 2 – 3 remedies was able to heal a patient, Dr. Banerji and his son Pratip tried this therapy program on the next patient who came to see them with the same disease. They also worked on finding the optimum potency for each remedy until eventually they had a fixed prescription which was successful in a high percentage of patients. In more than 100 cases of the normally incurable brain cancer glioblastoma, for example, Drs. Banerji recorded a remission rate of 80 %, and their treatment of hypothyroidism with Bromine C6 cured 90 % of patients over a period of 3 months.

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