On this page you´ll find a link to several Power Point presentations. They represent the results of the homeopathic treatment of different serious illnesses. All information shown in the presentations belongs to patients who have only received homeopathic treatment and no regular treatment. All patients suffered from diseases that regular medicine has no answer for. Regular doctors would not have gained outcomes that were remotely comparable with the results shown. Regular radiologists have evaluated the scans and X-rays you’ll find in the presentations, and determined that they were authentic.

Homeopathie: de filosofie en de positie in de wereld

Banerji Protocols – Botkanker 1

Banerji Protocols – Botkanker 2

Banerji Protocols – Hemangioom

Banerji Protocols – Hersentumor 1

Banerji Protocols – Hersentumor 2

Banerji Protocols – Hersentumor 3

Banerji Protocols – Leverfalen

Banerji Protocols – Longkanker 1

Banerji Protocols – Longkanker 2